Rogers - Buying Yen and Swissy

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  1. Any of you guys see the rather spirited interview with Mr. Bow Tie Rogers recently. Among the Bernake bashing, he was ranting on about buying Yen and Swiss Franc.

    Anybody agree with this or have other comments. I am looking ahead to next year and was interested in this groups feelings on these statements.
  2. one of the systems I follow has yen and swissie buy signals in place.. curious to see what he uses for decision making.
  3. I just paid 1.1332 on USDCHF to open the position.
  4. He has always said he is a fundamental investor and a terrible trader. Help me understand why we would by buying Yen against the dollar based on fundamentals. Is it the feeling that interest rates in Japan have nowhere to go but up. Is it China, is it oil or all of the above?

  5. A longer term trade Atticus? Correct?

  6. there is a relationship between world equities which are linked to the nikkei, since Japan is a exporting nation, usdjpy suffers when exporters suffer.
  7. To quote Rogers: "Half the world is short Yen in order to finance their leveraged madness. Once their house of cards falls apart they will have to cover their short Yen positions. It could be next month or next year, but someday soon the JPY will rocket up on forced buying and I will make a lot of money on that day".
  8. Very good point
  9. 7-10 day holiday trade into potential index strength and possible flight into risky assets.
  10. I certainly understand this point and do not disagree, but to open a position based on this one reason...well I don't know. I think that is risky business in itself.

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