Roger's 29 y/o cotton farmers

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  1. I guess no Maseratis for those 29 year old cotton farmers anytime soon :confused:

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  3. DAMN!

    What happened to ALL of the inflation that everyone was talking about because of "Helicopter Ben" PUMPING and PUMPING and PUMPING???

  4. I think if there is a choice between farming and working on Wall St, I'll choose the latter. Where else can you drive a Maserati, make millions a year and be guaranteed not to go bankrupt by the govt. at expense of taxpayers like you were some kind of underprivileged class. Makes perfect sense...
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    farmers got sum big time guarantees, too.

    they like caddies betta dan dem foreign cars

    ted turner gets big time gov't handouts, mon!

  6. A chart like that says one thing: speculative bubble not fundamentally driven.

    We're on a deflationary precipice - I agree with you. The dummies don't know that a credit crisis/recession is a money supply *reducing* affair.

    This blowoff was simply a hot money investment/chasing cycle, nothing else. (bonds and stocks, nor anything in US dollars were not attractive for this period)

    The theme for the rest of the year will be buying USD denominated assets (not including commodities) and USD.
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    In an explosion (top), force radiates away from a source. With implosion (bottom), the object collapses upon itself (generally being crushed by an outside force).