Roger Stone Found Guilty on 7 Counts

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    This fate will be awaiting Trump should he not get re-elected.

  3. There ya go.

    As close as you are going to come to removing the president.

    Just like the Meuller report, well, errrrr. Paul Mannafort.

    It's all good.
  4. he will be deep stated in the prison many many times.
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    This is called justice and yes it’s all good.
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    That Nixon tattoo is t going to go over well.
  7. Yes, and when Trump is acquitted in the Senate trial that will be justice too, right?
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    Basically this was all process crime stuff not related to nor known about by The President. I think this is an important headline as The Left thought that they could get Stone to turn evidence on The President to avoid conviction------however, there was no evidence to turn.---Ishmael.
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  9. Need I offer up the reminder that this was in a DC court.

    Nothing like being tried in DC court if you are pro-Trump. You take a double hit. It is the dem plantation and Swamp Central.
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  10. Clapper flat out lied to congress, and it is on tape, as to whether he surveilled regular Americans. Just lied right through his arse. But you did not see him charged, and you could not get a conviction on him in DC.
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