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  1. did you see Big Ben shake Flacco's hand after Raven's loss..

    Ben towered over Flacco who's supposed to be 6'6"

    is the NFL fudging height/weight figures?
  2. Ben told flacco he was going to send him an early Christmas Card for that GIFT of a win the Raven's GAVE to the Steelers! :eek:
  3. sounds like your sorry little ass lost some $ haha

    go kill yourself
  4. Look up his name if you don't know how to spell it, chump!
  5. Not the NFL but players and clubs do it all the time.
    Ben used to be 6'4" in college so he could be 6'6" now
  6. ahhh no. they bill Ben as 6'5" and Flacco as 6'6". if Flacco is 6'3" i'll eat meat for a month lol. that overrated fuck head is lucky if he's 6'2' he looks eye to eye with Vick haha (Vick = 6', btw)
  7. NOPE....I do not bet on football (I already fricking trade for a living)! :cool:

    But if I did, he would have made me some CAAAAAAASSSSHHH on Sunday!!! :cool: :eek: :cool:
  8. ya sure you wood lol :D
  9. KTS, you are awfully angry here lately....must have taken a HAYOOOOGE loss recently!

  10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    "Although numerous studies clearly document the benefits of a cholesterol-lowering diet for the reduction of heart disease risk, some studies suggest that reducing fat and cholesterol in the diet may deplete brain serotonin levels, causing mood changes, anger, and aggressive behavior."
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