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    In the draft green room, Rodgers, who grew up in Northern California and played college football at Cal, was asked by a reporter how disappointed he was to not be a 49er when his hometown team took Smith with the No. 1 overall pick.

    "Not as disappointed as the 49ers will be they didn't draft me," Rodgers replied.

    from sfgate
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    This douchebag met the 49ers in the playoffs back in 2012 and made the same claim. The 49ers were not disappointed that they didnt draft him on that day either.
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    How many HOF QB’s have the 49ers had since the 2005 draft?
  4. Stupid question

    How many HOF players in the entire NFL since the 2005 draft?

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    Wow, ok. Insert “future” and it doesn’t change my point that the 49ers have had trash QB’s for the last 15 years.
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    All bark, no bite. His performance was awful.
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    Here is a list of 49er QB’s since 2005. Enjoy.

    Alex Smith
    Shaun Hill
    J.T. O’Sullivan
    Colin Kaepernick
    Blaine Gabbert
    C.J. Beathard
    Nick Mullens
    Jimmy Garoppolo
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    31-39 79.5 326 2 2 97.2

    Nope, not awful. They lost, but his performance was far from "awful".
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    Judging a guy's carrier by one game, bravo!!!

    The 49ers' QBs were shit until Jimmy showed up, get real.
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    Take a look at the stats for the game. I think I saw around 250 of Roger's yds were in the second half and just under half were on 2 throws. 49'ers were more prevent multiple quick strikes and let the Packers work the clock down mode for play at that point. Point being the stats are quite a few short "let em have him but don't break" plays. The Packer's looked terrible, and Roger's just isn't sharp. At the end of last season they came out with he was playing hurt most of the season, let's see what the story is this season. He is still a good QB, but at least the past 2 years the guy is not anywhere what he was previously and what all the hype was about.
    As a Packer fan I hope he gets it back, but if not move on, and have someone ready to go.
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