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Yo, Gonna see Rocky?

  1. Rocky again?????? Yeah, I'll see it.

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  2. Rocky?? Not again!!! No way.

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  1. How come his wife Andrian isn't in the picture?
  2. Hell yea!
  3. Probably left him... she's tired of looking at him like the rest of us.
  4. Stallone is 60, and he's going to milk this cow until it's dry, same with the Rambo franchise.

    He hasn't made a good movie since Cop Land.
  5. Wow, you liked copland?
  6. hcour

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    The first Rocky was a classic. Every one after sucked, unwatchable. (Or at least I think so, since I wasn't able to sit thru 2 or 3 and didn't even try on the last two.)

    Btw, I agree, Copland was excellent, one of the few good films he's ever made, and a damn good performance to boot.

  7. Yeah, i thought was easily his best film, i'm just surprised hap understood a movie, where the authorities were actually the bad guys :)

    Rocky 1, First blood, good. Sequels all stank up the joint, big time.
  8. Actually, I thought 2 was very good and 3 good. 4 was watchable because of Dolph Lundgren's "Drago" character. It should have ended with 4, but then came the horrible 5.

    Same with the Rambo series: 1 was terrific, 2 was decent, 3 sucked.

    Still, I have to give Stallone credit for tenacity. He wrote Rocky and deservedly garnered a lot of praise. I understand that he's pretty short, too, like many action superstars.

    I thought Cop Land was very good, and it was good to see him actually act. De Niro chewed up the scenery in that film, too.

    I'd like to see Stallone revive his career with some wacky role in, say, a Tarantino movie a la John Travolta.
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