Rocky is busted...

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  1. Stallone Pleads Guilty to Import Charge

    MERAIAH FOLEY | AP | May 14, 2007 10:56 PM EST
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    SYDNEY, Australia — Actor Sylvester Stallone pleaded guilty Tuesday to bringing vials of a restricted muscle-building hormone into Australia.

    Lawyers for the 60-year-old star of the "Rocky" and "Rambo" movies entered the guilty plea on behalf of the actor, who did not appear before Sydney's Downing Center Local Court.

    Stallone was accused of bringing a banned substance into Australia after a customs search of his luggage during a Feb. 16 visit to Sydney revealed 48 vials of the human growth hormone product, Jintropin.

    Human growth hormone, a naturally occurring substance that can be replicated synthetically and is used to build muscle mass, is considered a performance enhancing drug in Australia and it cannot be imported without a permit from the national drug regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

    Stallone faces a maximum penalty of a $22,000 fine. He was expected to be sentenced later Tuesday, and his lawyers made no immediately comment.

    Prosecution documents handed to the court in March said Stallone had marked "No" on a customs declaration card that asked if he was bringing into Australia restricted or prohibited goods "such as medicines, steroids, firearms, weapons, or any kind of illicit drugs."

    During his visit to Australia, Stallone shrugged off the airport incident.

    "It was just a minor misunderstanding," Stallone told reporters "They were just doing their jobs. I just didn't understand some of the rules here."

    He came to Australia on a three-day tour to promote the latest movie in the "Rocky" series, "Rocky Balboa." A media throng was kept waiting for hours outside Sydney International Airport for the actor and his entourage.

    When a tight lipped Stallone emerged, he signed his autograph for several fans but avoided media questions about the delay.

    Three days after his arrival, customs officials searched Stallone's Sydney hotel room and private jet then allowed him to leave the country.
  2. rambo the sequel is coming out this xmas.
  3. Daal


    jesus. I wonder why people still waste their time with this
  4. They dont, its light entertainment, im fairly certain nobody cares.

    48 vials? I thought it was a week or two long promo gig, how much off this stuff do you need?

    $2500- ish grand fine, apparently.
  5. 48 vials is a commercial quanty. He'd need to be injecting 4 vials a day which is rediculous for personal use. What an idiot to bring that quantity of drug into another country.
  6. Sure, its a shitload, really-id have thought. For a two weeek junket, at least.
    Perhaps atticus or mattSPFL can tell us what you would do with that quantity, maybe they already have, but i cant find the link.
    I figure, he was doing a fav for someone, they only banned it after a media blitz about high school kids going berko on it. And yeah, that is something of an oversight.
  7. You inject it into fat deposits and it melts away the fat. Combine it with a test ester and exciting mass building opportunities are offered. An extremely short half-life makes it virtually undetectable...ask the smart pro athletes.

    Oh yea, and did I mention that you can eat/drink damn near whatever you want and get cut-up in the process?

    The short half-life and the sensitivity of the GH to air and temperature are why it is packaged individually. Stalone was probably taking 6+ IU's a day...more than you need for pure fat burning.


  8. Holy crap.:eek:
  9. 48 vials. Each vial is between 25-126 IUs of rhGH, depending on the manufacturer. Even on the high-yield it's <3 years at a daily injection of 6IU for one individual. Less than a year at 25IU per vial.

    The article is confusing -- they don't mention rhGH until the second paragraph. Someone like Stallone would not need to carry a controlled substance w/o a script. It's very easy to get a script for rhGH.

    rhGH is a subcutaneous injection, and it is lipolytic at the injection site. rhGH therapy has many benefits, primarily lipolysis. 18% visceral fat reduction in the studies I've seen. "Oral hGH" is a scam as the peptide cannot survive digestion.

    I no longer inject rhGH. I've been taking the only legitimate hGH secretagogue-combo I've found; Alpha GPC and L-Dopa.
  10. Actually, "jintropin" comes in 10iu bottles.


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