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  1. I'm interested in M-T. Are they as good as their calls suggest?

  2. M-T have stopped posting their calls, makes me wonder why. Only their paying members get the details now, i think it's dumb. if you can walk the walk, show your stuff, know what i mean?
  3. GoodMorningAll....


    I have stopped using M/T in favor of:

    ...I got tired of making ALL those trades for profits of only .25-.50 cents! I see they have been doing pretty good.

    I also agree with ProTrader1 ....I find it to be stupid of them to stop posting their calls...

    I have to think...WHY????

    Re: Alfa was up 40% YTD ...and now YTD -2%...DAMN!

    I will stick with them for another month or two and blow the scene, if need be.

    At least I didn't hold ENE, GX, TYC and KM....WHEW!!! always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
  4. Hi Rock,

    I'm with Alfatrading a few months too. They've gotten chopped up this last month. I haven't traded many of their calls, just watching for their brilliance to (hopefully) shine through at some point.

    Are you considering using M-T again? Looks like their totals are up.
    Are you using or watching anyone else?
    Have you ever used Shortboy?

    How's that Florida weather? :)

    take care.

  5. honus


    Gmorn Rock and ProTrader1. I use MBTrader. Can only compare it to Fidelity which I used exclusively till I got hooked up with Underground Traders. Jay Yu is a good man; great day trader.
    What's with the gold stock, say AU or Mdg?
  6. GoodMoringPro,

    I think alfa will come back...I HOPE!!!

    Re: M/T...not at this time, however, if alfa keeps calling losses....WhoKnows!


    Weather?...GREAT...averaging 50s at night to 70s during the day and plenty of SUN! :p always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
  7. Esteemed Brethren RobTheLurker and Protrader,

    Pray tell me, what is M-T ?

    Thank you.

    With sincere and honorable brotherly love,
  8. tuna


    Brother Candle i'm on the other side of the world and i'd have at a guess they mean millenium huh?...
  9. Dear Brother Candle, I am reluctant to defile you with the answer but I am duty bound to honor my mentor with the truth. The answer you seek is above my brother.

    May your feet make many happy footprints in the snow of life my brother.

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