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  1. I have been reading through countless past posts and have yet to find a clear explanation of exactly what a rocket is. Would somebody please be kind enough to enlighten me.
  2. A rocket is a trade whereby you buy or sell directly into huge supply or demand. It is a trade established once huge momentum is also present. One would be well advised to paper trade this to see what I mean.
  3. Don't you mean that you buy when demand is very high and vis versa or am I missing something.
  4. hoodoo,

    You've got it right, the "inventor" of the rocket trade got it wrong. In essence a rocket trade is a trade taken when all the indicators are showing huge strength. Almost always this occurs just as a rising market is moving into significant resistance.

    I was being a bit facetious:)
  5. The rocket Im referring to is an intraday trade triggered primarily by the stochastic.
  6. Easy,

    That's the one I'm talking about too. There is more to it than just the stochastic. MACD is involved, and very specific settings are required. There are so many potential nuances that I have yet to see a diffinitive definition. Find the original "stochasitic" thread that is closed, and all the detail is there.
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    It's a take on the "Stochastic POP" Jake Bernstein writes about. Basically, trading the S&P intraday on a timeframe of 15 minutes, you watch for the Stoch to hit 75 and that's a buy signal until it crosses down from 75. Now, I think bundlemaker is referencing Jack Hershey, who admittedly borrowed that idea of the "pop", and added other componenets to the setup, such as the necessity of a minimum amount of volume, and the particular MACD short term settings to show trending.
  8. I appreciate it very much.
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