Rocket scientist want to move to the financial industry: How to?

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    Ok, let's start with: "today has been a terrible day".

    Someone say that I am a rocket scientist familiar with several perverted mathematical models that are commonly used in physics and proficient in Java, C/C++. In addition, I consider myself just a beginner as a trader/investor.

    Like all the researchers that enter in this profession because "they wanted to do something good" every 6 months I ask myself "what i am doing here?" Today, as I said, has been a bad day, so I wanted to ask you:
    -) how do you apply for jobs in the financial industry?
    -) What kind of advice would you give to a person that want "to join the dark side"?
    -) How the recruitment goes? headhunter? websites?

    Thanks in advance, for your support!
  2. The Financial Establishment has NO USE FOR YOU WHATSOEVER until you have proven your ability.

    Proven. Good Luck with that.

    On the other hand... with an education in science, you should be schooled in observation and logical deduction... Put your mind to it and you will likely succeed... without requiring the help of anybody.
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    Thanks for the quick reply Scataphagos, natural follow up questions are:
    1) What is the best way to prove it?
    2) to who should I give that prove?

    to the first questions you can not answer "by been profitable", this is too easy. What is the best way to prove it? How should i present that prove? What should i put in the CV once i have that?
  4. 1. "Best Way To Prove"... not sure... something which is documented by fact with no conjecture.

    2. Keep records. Build an audited track record... money will flock to you eventually. Don't be discouraged. It will likely take longer than you think to be believed. Just keep it up. Money will eventually find you when you have "done enough, big enough and for long enough".

    (I know this from fact... 20 years ago, I was where you are now.)

    There is no "money sitting out there for anyone who claims they are a trader/wannabe". You must prove yourself first... to attract OPM.
  5. Here's my story... hopefully it will give you encouragement....

    About 20 years ago, a local money manger ran an ad looking for "investment expertise for his $300M client base".

    I responded and had an interview with him.

    I later had a 2nd interview... He said I was the only one he asked back for a 2nd interview... but he also said, "you have an answer for everything, you sound too good to be true, and I can't figure out where your "catch" is.... so I'm not going to hire you". (I told him, "there is no catch". I graduated Summa Cum Laude in hard science [formally, as a forensic chemist]... and I can do this.")

    A few months later, the local Business Journal ran a story about how I'd won 3 divisions of the U.S. Investing Championships... a year long, independently audited, real money, nationwide investing contest.... $500K to enter in my case... results posted in Barrons and Investor's Business Daily.

    He called me up and said, "OK, I believe you...what can we do together?" I said, "I don't think we can do anything... I'm pretty busy now"...

    Winning the US Investing Championships didn't pay a cash prize, but it lead to earning about $2 Million in advisory fees over the next 2 years.

    All I can tell you is (1) strive for excellence and be 100% honest with everybody, and (2) keep records. Be ready to PROVE your performance when challenged. If you're good at it, and demonstrate your abilities long enough... money will find you.
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  7. I suggest using the fast track.

    You won't be happy in the CW world. So skip ahead to the fast lane.


    Meet, work, win

    You are being looked for since you know how to do work.

    Meeting is done by being in the same space.

    HOT skilled traders appear in public. Go there.

    When you look around you see two kinds of people in the audience: rich and poor. rich are in the back and along the sides. poor are wiggling up front and in the middle.

    Ask a brilliant question and then do not move from where you are.

    The speaker will come to you. So will his programmer (who is in the back). Others will not leave where you are. Others will leave to go somewhere else.

    The programmer will get your ID, etc... Have it ready 5x up. Some others near you will offer their cards; take them, turn over and write the date and time and place. Hand back your ID only 4 times. Others get it from those you gave it to. These who GET your ID from others are the HOT investors looking for you. They will contact you in one week.

    the presenter will "read" his programmer's directions.

    Money is what the presenter is trying to lay off on you.

    Go and work for him instead since you do not as yet have experience.

    You are looking for EXPERIENCE.

    AFTER experience COMES WIN.

    out of the box is where its at. Quants are what keeps the funds at low annual earnings. Skip that mud.
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    Obviously you don't have any experience in Quantitative Trading.

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    What is the best way to build "an audited track record"? Is it sufficient if will have a dedicated account in IB?

    Thanks for your encouraging story, the problem is that I am learning in the hard way that trading and investing is a time consuming activity if you want to do it in the proper way. My usual 12h goes to my work, so i never spent quite a lot of time. For sure i manage my money better than the classical retail bank but as I said i do not consider myself a super-cool-ultimate-trader. I also think that I will learn more if I will be able to "observe at the mistake of others" and not only at the one that I am doing. That is why I would like to first move in the sector and learn from more experience people.
  10. Peter Gabriel Bergman enjoyed my problem solving.... lol

    Did you use Liffshitz as a text? Landau?
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