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    Been thinking about this lately. If I can do what I do (e minis) with P4 boxes, available retail user adjustable software, dsl/cable/api, etc, how would a world class player with unlimited funds do it?
    Get creative here, think James Bond movies. Direct globex connections, unix system, T whatever lines, obviously custom software, to capture what? Archangel, Nitro, Canyonman and all the savvy rest that don't come immediately to mind after a couple of glasses of nice merlot, what woud you set up if money were no object to capture a piece of the never ending flow. Brainstorm a little here. This could get interesting.
  2. I would buy a nice expensive satellite RT data feed and put enough processor power in place to analyze every tick on every stock instead of analysis on every one minute bar of 400 stocks that I'm currently doing.
  3. Eventually, it's not the technology that counts with traders but the perception and perspectives but...

    I'll have an surgery that would enable me to become a trade robot.

    I would put a microchip that would hold my adrenaline and B-endorphine down in my brain and let the Seratonin distribute in my brain a lot to hold my impulse and emotions close to 0.

    I would cyborg myself to only let my pattern recognition, memory reflexive brain function, which is located at the top upper part of the brain to work along with the creativity brain to work on my brain at my front left side of the brain for my trading so that I can trade well with the required part of the brain to work.

    I would also have my brain work under an alpha wave pattern for concentration.

    But all that can be achieved through commitment, effort and objective mind, unconsciously.


    Life is first fulfilled with happiness and emotions. Life without emotions are not worth it. I don't need technology to make money and keep myself happy. Achievement without sacrifice and objectiveness is not woth it.
  4. why bother trading if you have unlimited funds..
  5. lol
    good point!

    Although I do have to say that I trade for the enjoyment and challenge of it in addition to the money. I'd actually probably trade even if I had unlimited funds.
  6. For the sake of the game ...
  7. Here is proof of sanity. I retract my statement elsewhere that you were nuts Daniel. You are just fine.

    Dr. S.
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    Just for something to do. . . . . . . .(you'll have to fill all those hours somehow?)
  9. Mee,

    Didn't you once say that the game was only about making money and that everything else was BS?
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    1) PTP T3 line between me and all exchanges
    2) I would get the two or three datafeeds that are the best in their class, and I would consolidate those using state of the art algorithms for doing so. I would look at every tick for every conceivable market on the planet [for what I cannot tell you, as that would be giving away too much]
    3) I would have two or three Phd's in Time Series Analysis on hand, probably one Phd on Financial Engineering, two outstanding programmers, and probably 3-5 more good ones.
    4) I would have a Globex machine, a Bloomberg machine, etc on hand.
    5) I would have at least two eight way systems running on a fiber network and SAN storage. Of course, all the typical stuff that you need for 99.999999% uptime goes along here, like UPS's, air conditioned rooms, fire protection, SAN backups, etc. A cluster for intensive computational requirements would also be online.
    6) I would know what to do with the above to make a good living, but I would always try to have on hand:
    7) 1 or 2 exceptional traders whose job was to come up with ideas that the rest of the team would implement aside from the typical strategies that the geeks are used to implementing. I have been at shops where 1 - 6 are on board, but not once have I seen a harmonious interplay between geeky type teams and talented traders.

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