Rocket man visits for Xmas

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  2. I shared a London apartment with a soap actress sister who related the same. Whenever the character she played did something bad she would get dirty looks etc. on the street in real life.

    I was ROTFL when she said to the effect that the insight into the blurring of fiction and real life for a segment of the population is fine until one day it hits you, these people can vote.
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    A great bit of humour where in reality there is only the madness of one and the cowardice of thousands.
  4. An interesting article in the Atlantic on why despite expectation the regime has stayed in control.

    "But There Is One Major Weakness in the North Korean System: "Uncontrolled information inflows are deeply subversive and pose a long-term threat to regime survival," the Crisis Group report notes. "84 percent of defectors, refugees, and travelers said they received unsanctioned information by word of mouth." The more than North Koreans learn of the outside world's comparatively astonishing wealth and freedom, the less interested they seem to be in participating in the North Korean system. The Kim regime seems to understand the enormous threat this poses. In 2011, when revolution broke out in Libya, 200 North Korean workers there were outright banned from ever coming home. "Information is beginning to seep into North Korean society, but it probably will take considerable time before inflows might cause regime change or transformation."

    In the meantime, the more that Kim Jong Un can keep his people poor, terrified, and desperately infighting for their basic survival; the more he can keep his borders sealed by escalating military tensions along the borders; the less information will creep in and the longer, according to the Crisis Group's analysis, he is likely to hang on."