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  1. This journal is only going to last one week. I am going to post the results of my ES trades from 3/3 to 3/7. Although my ultimate goal is to make money, my first objective is to be able to follow ALL of my system's trades EXACTLY for one week.

    Last week, one of the systems I'm trading would have been profitable, however, I got in my own way and screwed it up. Next week, I am going to do every trade how I am supposed to and see how it turns out. If I lose money, so be it. At least I will have lost it with some dignity.

    This journal is just something for me to look forward to accomplishing each day and at the end of the week. I'm not going to reveal my current trading system, sorry. So save the complaints. :) You will not learn anything from this journal, except for maybe that DISCIPLINE can pay off.

    ROCK :cool:
  2. yawn
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    Don't flatter yourself. The internet is flooded with free systems, that do a lot better than your crap.:p
  4. in backtesting
  5. just don't get taken by the storm
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    Were you able to stick with your system?
  7. last time i checked, it wasn't 3/3 yet...

    i'm looking forward to this.

    psychological journals are the only ones that matter for the rest of us....

    ***ROCK, please post some remarks as to WHY you deviated from your system -- both at the time, and in retrospect. those are the most interesting to me.
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    Sorry, I read the date wrong.
  9. Finished the day up 22 points. I said I was going to take the market by storm! :) Just kidding, here's how I really did:

    trade #1, 0
    trade #2, +1.25
    trade #3, -1.25 (this trade was human error, never should have happened)

    My system says, if I enter a trade in error, exit as soon as I realize it. So that's what I did. I was fiddling with my charts and thought I saw an entry, but it wasn't one. Trade #3 never should have happened. :mad:

    My system just barely missed a nice trade. Not much happened today with my system. It usually does better. I'll continue tomorrow.

    Overall, I followed my system 100%. However, I made one extra trade by accident. :mad:

    DAY TOTAL: 0 (should have been +1.25) :mad:

  10. not to be TOO critical, but how can you say that you finished up 22 points, but also flat at [0]? also, if you followed your system, and did trade #3 by accident, unless your system tells you to make bad trades by accident, how can you say that you followed your system?

    please elaborate...

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