Rock Bottem

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by SidGautama, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. when is it hit?
    how does it feel?
    dead cat bounce or rocket ride to the moon?
  2. rock bottem for me:

    the endless revolutions of the mind
    the illusions of causality, free will, existence, and time
    tossing gains, holding losses
    taking profits – the grand mother of all losses
    the opportunity costs
    speculating scared without sufficient risk capital
    losing your money then losing your nerve
    vast schism between belief and action
    youth and vitality wasted and funds depleted
    endless regret
  3. Sid, sounds you like have paid the price of admission! This is good, not bad. From here you can truly learn to trade responsibly and follow system discipline. Traders who stick around find immense growth and character building outside of trading. I take a break and read "Trading for a Living" and "The New Stock Market Wizards" when I hit psychological walls. I took a 10 mile walk into the everglades the other day to regain perspective. I use a trading journal to document my trades as well as my mental state on a daily basis.

    Trading is a mind/body/spirit eco-challenge and will make or break you.
  4. "Trading is a mind/body/spirit eco-challenge and will make or break you."

    I agree. Well said.
  5. long long before you ever get there quit and do something else, like go sailing, go to orgies or rob a bank.....
  6. sid I was wondering what your other post was. (2 out of 3 were on this post) then I did some research...

    You probably should try sailing or orgies, as andrasnm suggested...