rOboTtop FOR sALE: only $65, 000.00

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  1. kayakfly


    A bargain!! BUSINESS FOR SALE for $65,000. I developed 5 professional Automated Forex Softwares with high accurate tick data tester imported to MT4. All my tests very accurate. I even purchased a few popular Robots on the Market to tested with my Data to proof them that performance they show not accurate...There is so many details involve to achieve high accuracy with investments $135,000. This is how much I spent to pay full time programmers to develop all this tools and the way, I just launch the site, 2 more systems will be added in week or so, "Chartist Break out" and "Chartist Wave".. feel free to contact me for details at RT

    Why is different from others:
    1) No scalp, solid system, profit 2-3 times bigger then stop
    2) Developed professional History Tick Data Tester - what you see on report, exactly same as live...
    3) I have developed professional optimization always change, I optimize system on monthly bases
    4) Client will receive optimized and updated file...
    5) And more, ask for details...

    I am in process to add monthly membership as well. There is 2 different models which I will offer:

    1) $39 a month for (all updated and optimized versions on monthly bases)
    2) $89 a month for FULL SUPPORT
    - all updates and optimized versions on monthly bases
    - BRIDGE connection service. Why it's important? They don't need worry about internet connection or computer shut down and spread different with brokers. They will have exact results as it shows...
    - no hassle no worries at all, we will set up everything for them

    Contact me for details at or Skype: ID:
  2. LeeD


    If it is such a good business, why do you consider selling it?
  3. kayakfly


    It's a great business and product. Robot Fx tradn,