Robot wait-staff in China

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  1. "A female-looking bot with fake fluttering lashes stands at the door to welcome diners..."

    Based on the picture shown, I don't think those "bots" look very female! or even male for that matter, so I think that's kind of a joke.

    On a serious basis though, that's impressive if it always works correctly. I work in an industry involving robots and they just do simple things over and over. To get a robot to always be correct is quite tough to do, and I would be nervous being the owner of this restaurant - it wouldn't take much for the robot to think its grabbing one of the pitchers of drink, but instead grab a customers head and literally rip it off - they could probably do that, or at least really injure someone! They better have a ton of sensors in that thing and if everything isn't exactly right, it shuts down.

  2. Paint the face and put an outfit on, then it can be female or male as u wish. Also use a male or female voice recording the the sound box.
  3. By the way, Some Japanese men are taking their beautiful plastic robot dolls on vacation. These robot dolls can be program to be loving & affectionate, they can also be programmed to say "I love u". Many dolls have deep throats with suction power.

    You can buy your own robot doll or rent one at the vacation hotel.

    Robot dolls are never tired, never have headaches, never leave u. lol
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    WHAT? :D

    You got a link? This shit is hilarious! Time to move to JAPAN.
  5. Another useless Chinese invention, taking jobs away from the population...
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  7. Cost effective method to staff a bussiness as long as the customer is willing to accept the pratcice. reminds of the article from a couple of years ago where a hospital in Australia and Japan had robo nurses. Such is the way.

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