Robinhooders Discover 3x Levered ETFs

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  2. I wonder how many of them understand that you are not supposed to hold them over a couple of days?
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  3. Before you know it alot of them will be getting that lesson
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    I wonder if we will ever see a 33% drop to wipe out these 3x funds?


    TQQQ is up 40% YTD despite the volatility.
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    Laughs. Dat Title.

    (Columbus lands in America)
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  6. KenC is pretty dam good trading them!
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  8. Actually, if you are in a low vol environment with a some auto correlation, long term holds can work very well.

    These products do terrible on an underlying that is volatile and doesn't trend. UNG and it's 3x leveraged ETN's were a great example of that.

    On the flip side, in 2017 (low vol, trending environment for equities) SPY was up 20% while UPRO was up 73%. That is 3.6x what the underlying did.
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    Not sure I understand your thinking here---
  10. HAHAHAHA I wish I had filled the boat in April with TQQQ! I would be sitting fat dumb and happy right now! It was a friggin escalator!
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