Robinhood traders LOL

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  2. Oh and this gem!

  3. S2007S


    Are these photoshopped?

    Quite a screenshot shot...

    The last one. $350,000 loss??

    Hard to believe. Not much to go on with such a loss and no history of trades to back it up....
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  4. Overnight


    I don't understand the context of this post either. Things that make you go "huh"?

    I actually don't understand why anyone involved with trading would post anything from a bloody phone.
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  5. timbo


    At least the first guy's account still has $1 available for trading. So, he will live to trade another day.
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  6. At least they didn't pay commish.
  7. So the last guy that lost $350k has an interesting story. Apparently he started with $8k and just went all in with his trades. He brought that $21k up to $70k now and just posted this trade from today. He made a post that he thinks China is "going to bend the knee".

  8. I found a facebook group and also some posts on reddit with these traders that use robinhood and they ALL seem to do crazy shit like this and tons of them seem to lose money incredibly fast.
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  9. S2007S


    Checking the close on that call as of Friday and it looks as though those 750 contracts have gained a value of close to $20,000 !!!!

    Those could be worth over $50,000 if that trade talk between trump and xi this weekend is positive which I'm leaning on at least an 80% chance it is.
    However that's a crazy amount to place on such a trade, unless this is 1% of his networth.
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    Most probably a case of 'easy come, easy go'.
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