Robinhood IPO Prices at $38 a Share

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  1. newwurldmn


    robinhood is growing like mad.

    who doesn’t want to see virtual confetti everything they make a trade in their child’s college fund?
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  2. discount brokerage has been around for decades, it is not new area. There're a lot of reliable options out there. The idea of free trading is not new any more. Everybody is offering it. RH has showed that it is not a safe broker (RH doesn't really care for its customers' money).
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  3. maxinger


    2 tradings days have passed.
    and there is no day trading opportunity.

    better look for other stocks for day trading.
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  4. SunTrader


    Free, free, free. That has a cost, cost, cost.
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  5. zdreg


    The piper has to be paid. The question becomes do have you the ability to arrange your trading in a way that somebody else pays the cost. e.g. I never pay high margin interest. many people don't know or care about margin interest cost.
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  6. SunTrader


    I have zero margin cost too.

    And never will or have any.

    I trade futures.
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  7. %%
    IT'S[Hood] going up now;
    nothing like a good 2 day uptrend with 3 days data.
    NOT long or short, but looks like its going up more/ in an up trending bullmarket. Took some profits on SPXL today. IBD reported Cathie Woods is scaling in, HOOD.
    HOOD is riding its 2o period ma;
    still not sure why they would include the word ''Robin[robbing]'' in a co name, but i could be wrong on that/LOL:D:D
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  8. SunTrader


    HOOD .... to the moon $69.46 currently after being as high as $77.03 this morning lol.
    #48     Aug 4, 2021
  9. SunTrader


  10. xandman


    Word on the street says Robinhood app will be installed on all TESLA cars allowing you to trade ARK shares with bitcoin instead of paying attention to the road.
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