Robinhood IPO Prices at $38 a Share

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ajacobson, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Nobert


    Even without seeing him, his shady conversation with Elon about GME was more than enough, to realize with whom you're dealing.
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  2. SunTrader


    IPO's to the moon are rare these days.

    FB was almost cut in half first two months it traded. Now it is 10 times higher.

    Not saying Hood will do the same but time will tell. POS it ain't.
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  3. zdreg


    You confirmed my suspicion that you have ego issues.
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  4. KCalhoun


    I'm buying a few shares just for fun, and so I can remember buying Robinhood the day it IPO'd.

    It may well sell off, so just a few shares. Literally :p
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  5. Overnight


    That one really pisses me off. I remember in 2012 before their IPO, seeing a municipal government ad about their FB page on the backrest of a long bus bench in Florida. (Was prolly the local bus company run by the county). A local government agency has a FB page?!?

    When seeing that, I remember distinctly thinking to myself..."Man, that thing is going to fly when they go public." I didn't have money to invest at the time. Drat. And like you said, here we are years later and they are to the moon.
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  6. calling someone a tight ass has no bearing on fuckin ego - its called making an observation.

    you morons around here just throw around words thinking they sound good, dont know what they mean, and hope no one calls you on your bullshit

    you are an idiot to the fullest.
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  7. MS paid $12B for a well-established firms with good reputation like Etrade and SCHWAB bought TD Ameritrade for $20B.
    RH a new comer in a tight field with damaged reputation, and valued at $32B.
    #37     Jul 30, 2021
  8. Overnight


    RH is the FaceBook of brokers. They will be above their IPO price in a few months, just like FB after their IPO.
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  9. VicBee


    That's the conventional wisdom, yet I expect WSB et al. will go out of their way to create havoc on this one.
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  10. zdreg


    He talks like the CEO of Weworks.
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