Robinhood in top shareholders

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  1. Does robinhood ever show up on the list of top shareholders of a company or do they own it through someone else?

    Or would the individual robinhood users show up on there if the list were long enough?
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  2. Overnight


    Robinhood is a broker. Why would they show up as owning shares in a company through their users via proxy?
  3. xandman


    It is more likely they have a date cutoff to determine a "Shareholder on Record" or some sort. Perhaps, quarterly.
  4. guru


    Why would a broker show as a shareholder? Are brokers allowed to claim ownership of the shares I purchased through them?
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  5. xandman


    It was just a guess. Apparently, I was wrong. It's in "Street name registration".

    Though, I recall a time when I got direct shareholder mailings. So, they know. Try registering for a shareholder meeting and see if you they have a validation procedure.
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  6. SanMiguel


    Are you thinking of funds like BlackRock who show up in holdings?
  7. xandman


    Not really. The OP was thinking about small individuals who buy thru RH. We know that shares can change hands every millisecond. So, I am making the assumption that they us longer cutoff times for reporting purposes.

    We can assume there may be a size cutoff. But, I will attest that I got a shareholder letter addressed to me in the mail for my small holding. Circa-1990s ? Probably, not more than 100 shares thru Brown or Etrade. And, I have never owned shares directly.