Robin Mesch

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  1. I jotted this woman's name down after seeing her interesting commentary on bonds on CNBC or Bloom. Her website reveals a heck of a curriculum vitae with a focus on technical analysis and trading SnP/bonds and in depth trader education.

    Are any of you familiar with her methods? I don't think I've seen anything like this on the net recently anyway.

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    yes..she uses volume analysis in conjuction with some drummond techniques..last time I heard she was charging 30k for coaching :)

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    Apparently she hosts two 1-hour "introductory info-sessions" per month where you can get the skinny.

    On a related note, she's actually in Portland. I don't believe it! There's someone here in Portland that actually trades and does well enough to teach. Unbelievable. I thought all gurus lived in IL or FL. :p

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    From what I understand, Market Profile and Drummond. I've seen her referenced in various trading books as well.
  5. I thought I might take a trial on the market analysis which runs $460/mo - which doesn't seem like much the way these contracts are moving. That cost would be met by an edge on one day a month or perhaps one day's warning to just stay away. Just this week the stories, or rumors, on the European banks selling and the mortgage industry rebalancings overwhelmed me. I couldn't find any insight or analysis or even a way to see if it was true.
    On the other hand, maybe it's a little late now and the time to have had some professional guidance was about 6 weeks ago.

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    I used her software for a few months. I used her daily newsletter for a few months, too. And, I used to work with a guy at a prop firm that worked for her as an analyst before he started trading. Gee, he didn't use that stuff when he traded.

    All I have to say is that there is no holy grail. That's the secret... there is no secret.

    I think that we are all students of the markets, and that it's a neverending quest. Go where you want to. Tom DeMark, Robin Mesch, Larry Williams, wherever. I've spent money on them all. But, I don't use them anymore. You are not going to be able to find a canned software package that reveals trades to you in a consistent and profitable fashion for an extended period of time. You will have to develop your own style and techniques. 'Nuff said.
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    Can you please email me regarding Robin Mesch... thanks.