robin hood tax

Discussion in 'Economics' started by morganist, May 11, 2010.

  1. what do you guys think of the robin hood tax?
  2. Lethn


    Nothing will change as long as we have fiat currency and central banks.
  3. We already have it in the US... Progressive Federal Income Tax... where 50% of citizens pay 0%... many who pay 0% even get sent a check each year.
  4. a robin hood tax is a financial institution tax not a personal tax.
  5. I like it equally well.
  6. Problem is, it's not really a Robin Hood tax. The Sheriff of Nottingham never gave to the poor.
  7. Worst idea ever. All it does is increase moral hazard because the banks know they will be bailed out. It increases risk, not decreases. Canada is the only major country against this as far as I know. And because of this, the tax cannot be passed if all countries don't buy in.
  8. I dont know what that tax is, but I'm guessing if you are poor, you will like it. If you are rich, you will not like it.