Robin Dayne??

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by gotta_trade, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. I have heard alot of good stuff about Robin Dayne, I'm looking forward to listening to her radio show on a regular basis.

    Has anyone ever used her services or know anything about her??
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    I remember going to CyberTrader in Austin for a training session on Cyber's new software back in 1998 and she was there also. At the time she was basically providing the same one-on-one training services that she is now, so she's been around for quite a while.
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    Has anyone used her services? I met her in Vegas last year. Seemed to be on the ball.
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    Robin is great. She is extremely helpful and a good person too boot.

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    Never used her, but I've seen her instructional videos floating around on ebay. Might be worth looking at before putting in significant money.
  6. where is the link to this ?

    on her website?

    Robin is a good lady and very positive person

    she used to coach some of the Broadway Traders
  7. I think I met her at a Bright Trading, "Beyond the Snake Oil" one day seminar in San Francisco about 2 years ago. I'll have to find her business card.....she seemed decent enough, I never ran into anyone who actually used her coaching services though...

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  8. Similar impressions. Softspoken, positive attitude. I've came across her back in the old Broadway trading years. I think it was 1998-99. She was getting into NLP and other psychological support for traders. If I recall well, she was working with Serge Milman---the young russian fellow- made the Forbes cover back then. Afterwards she got into trading on the cybertrader platform with some backer's $$$. Have not heard if she was a successful trader or not.

    Good lady.
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    Never heard of her until now.

    Is she a trader doctor/coach, or more like a Susy O?

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    I think she calls herself 'the trader's coach'. (Unless I'm thinking of Ruth Roosevelt)

    She told me she used to 'tour' with Tony Robbins, so that might give you an idea where she's coming from.

    I asked her if she does the same thing that Van Tharp does, and she said she gets results much faster. She claims she can figure out what 'trading block' you have, and can deal with it in 4 half-hour telephone sessions.
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