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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Andre, Sep 23, 2003.

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    It's often said that trading is 90% emotional. Check out the Chat Log with "The Trader's Coach", Robin Dayne where she answered questions and explained the concepts and techniques she developed to limit the effect emotion can have on your bottom line.

  2. according to some of her former traders

    did anyone else besides me ever meet her at one of the expos?
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    She's always got a few new perspectives or reminders into staying emotionally unencumbered in the trading game.

    Like yesterday's chat room interview.
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    Coaches are often heavy on metaphors. Especially someone who worked with Robbins for a while. That doesn't often work for me, I'm too cynical. However, as I said in the chat, I liked her example of the video/arcade game. I started thinking about how if I get 15-20 minutes out of my favorite game for a token, I'm pretty happy.

    I can imagine thinking the same way about gambling or going to Vegas. I wonder if that's how I view my trading subconsciously. The beginning of this year I moved into the breakeven range. I'm up slightly, actually. And because I haven't been able to trade actively, or really test myself, I've allowed myself to be pleased with my progress.

    So, am I simply happy to be break-even? The difference between putting in a quarter in an arcade and in putting your money in the market is that you can actually get money back. But if you approach it happy to just play the game. Well, I think you can see where I'm going. Nope, I want money back, after I play. I want to enjoy the game, and get paid to do it.

    I think I'll be using that imagery when I put on trades in the future.

  5. What's harder, trading or coaching?
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    What's harder, coaching traders or making an insipid, sarcastic reply on an anonymous message board.:D :D :D

    Just kiding stock777. I love ya', but I couldn't resist!!
  7. I'm deeply offended and will never post again.

    Just kidding, but I couldn't resist.:p :cool: :D :)