Robert Tharp Seminar

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by genebort, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. genebort


    I see in note from DTUSA that you will be giving a short seminar on using EOD scans for set-ups for next day trading. Will you make this info available (for a fee of course--not for free) for us that don't travel? IMO, info about the seminar , would be worth posting on forum, if it doesn't violate any rules. Quite possible others are not aware of it.
  2. email me and I'll forward you a few things

  3. To you DTUSA guys: Go see Robert, I'm sure he has a good presentation....!!

    Hope you have a great turnout!!

  4. Costa Mesa!!!! It's where South Coast Plaza is... ahhh good old memories... nice place.

    I thought you were in San Diego but I wish I knew about ET when I lived in LA...

    Damn it...
  5. 1 hr drive up north no biggie as I'll carpool with Jonathan K.

  6. I hope the 405 doesn't exhaust you before you get there.

    Good luck with you seminar...
  7. Once you make some money you can buy your own car!