Robert Sheckley,Jack Hershey,Jules Verne...

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    Are there any common traits between these authors?
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    No, Jack Hershey isn't a science fiction writer. Seriously, who cares.
  3. At this time I have 7 books in the works.

    From a theme perspective five are financial, one deals with the problem solving aspect of PTSD (including both military and civilian), and the third is a book on environmental stewardship from a desert oriented multi-watershed very long term management perspective. Only two will be published and only one is being done in a for profit orientation.

    The PTSD book is scheduled for a 2 million press run and will be distributed at my expense.

    As has been suggested: "Who cares?"
  4. anticipated release date for printing/distribution?

    coordination with DVA? Contacts?

    Any medical/ mental health professionals collaborating with you?

    Any kind of supportive info?

  5. Pinky says he got PTSD from reading JH's posts on ET.

    He looks forward to reading the book on treatment.

    That is all.
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    No one can construct a submarine by reading Jules Verne,one has got to be an engineer,designer, be able to draw,know hydrodynamics,etc..No one can escape from ''Hell Island'' by reading Robert Sheckley,one has got to be mentally and spiritually equiped,believe in God,not only believe,but adhere to the commandments of God,know how to meditate right,etc etc..
    Why one should trade well just by reading Jack Hershey?

    ps btw,Jack,could you send me your financial suit?

  8. You may want to update your testing orthodoxy. MMPI has undergone many changes since in inception in 1939. It is no longer referred to as such in professional circles.
  9. the particular portion of this test is the data associated with its broad usage.

    the particular feature we use is the classification called "untreatable"

    such people who complete our program find that their post test provides a different category than "untreatable"

    this is considered an exceptional result since they have become treatable

    we will be broadening our associated research to merge it with the efforts of brig gen rhonda Cornum although we have a Peace orientation.

    they have an orientation to "resilience" and we have an orientation to regaining a civliian disposition.
  10. Where's Bill Schamp in all this?

    I mean, the man's worth at least 9 figures! $100 Million! At least!

    This is another example of nothing aliases starting threads just so they can put Jack Hershey's name in it and go for views.

    Jack Hershey is a pseudo scientist with the writing style of a 4 variable markov chain.
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