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  1. Has anyone read "Elements of Successful Trading" by Robert Rotella? It keeps coming up on my Amazon recommendations, even though they don't sell it directly. It is somewhat difficult to get so I wanted to make sure it's a decent book before going through any trouble.


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    It is a huge book but my personal opinion is that the author tried to describe/explain ALL aspects of trading without going too deep into any specific area. So I feel that it is a good book if you are a beginner (which I was when I read it) and want an overview of what trading is all about.
  3. One of the first books I read. Lots of good detail for the beginner. Focused mostly on the futures markets and no info on order routing for stocks e.g. Recommended
  4. he was my neighbor yrs ago

    in downtown manhattan ... he traded options in the softs
    at the time ...

    next thing I knew , he wrote a 500 page book and was running
    money and living in asia ?

  5. If you want specific info about certain things then this is probably not the book for you. There isn't much detail about set-ups etc. But the book itself is pretty good with lots of subjects being touched upon.
    I got my copy at Amazon...