Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

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  1. why is Plant doing albums with Krauss?

    any ideas?? :confused:
  2. For the same reason that Lili Haydn opened for Page and Plant back in '98. He likes that kind of music. I was glad I got there late for that one . . . one of the least enjoyable opening acts I've ever seen.
  3. he likes what kind of music? would you elaborate, this is a side i have little knowledge of
  4. Americana. . . very fiddle-heavy.
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    Plant sees the same thing that many people do ... Allison Krauss is an amazing woman. She should be Celebrated.
  6. Allison Krauss is incredible muscian! Waht she doesn't have is the "pop sex appeal that too many think equates with talent" So people who think she isn't so great aren't a good judge of musical talent.
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    are you fucking kidding me .... "pop sex appeal"...

    spend another 5-10-1000 years studying the more important factors of music ....
  8. You misunderstood waht I said. Allison Krauss is the best of the best!! Waht I believe hasn't catapulted her to huge huge "pop star" fame is she does not play into the female sex symbol act to add to her fame. She is a musician, and extrememly talented one too...but she does not use sex apppeal to attract. But she is much much more talented and better than some pop stars out there who are more well known, more popular, and make more money. That is my point..and you missed my point. Its american culture. Do you see the papparazi hounding Allison and hear about it in every news cast, or mag? No you don't. But that girl Allison is incredible!!!!!
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    here's something you should think about .... why in god's name do you think Allison Krause should aspire to reach the lofty level of "pop-star" ??

    spend a few years thinking about that ....
  10. I don't think she should aspire to "pop star"...I would think that would be an insult to her. She is not a pop musician. Her roots are blue grass/country... My point is SOME people can not see her talent due to the lack of superficial "pop star sex appeal" that so many need for stimulation. Once again you misundertand my point. I don't admire "pop stars" I admire talent, and Allison has it.
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