Robert Minor?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Sarasota, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. Does anyone have any experience on Robert Minor's Dynamic Trader software?
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    Rober Miner. bye
  3. I have seen his weekly reports on various markets, specifically the S&P 500 futures, and it seems to work. Could you please explain your above post? Anyone familar with the software?
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  5. It's a neat piece of software if you're into Elliott Wave and Gann analysis, which I am. It's a bit on the pricey side--$1,700--but it makes wave labelling and drawing retracement lines very efficient.

    I would suggest you check out Carolyn Boroden's commentaries on Her methods primarily involve using Fib retracements and the software is well-suited for that.

    Lest the purpose of my comments be misconstrued, I'm not plugging either the software or the website. I'm a private trader and have no affiliation with either. Good luck to you.
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    I have his book, but not his software. The software has various Elliott wave and Gann uses (lines, angles, etc...). Carolyn Boroden uses it to find fibonacci cluster for potential turning points. I don't think it has real-time data capabilities, though that may come out in a later version.

    Scott Harper
  7. Actually it does have real time data capabilities, and I was hoping to find out how accurate his methodolgy was. He not only uses retracements like everyone else, but also price projection techniques and time projection techniques.

    I also have a copy of the book. I also received last week's advisory e-mails from him, and he made some very nice profits with the S&P futures.

    I am considering using his software to find high probability entry points for trading OEX options off of the S&P 500 futures data the last two weeks of expiration.
  8. In actuality, the software isn't real-time. There are utility programs available to pull data from a live feed which the software can then read, but there is an updating delay, albeit slight. That makes the software almost real-time, but not quite real-time.

    As far as using the software to find, as you say, high probability entry points for trading, well, I guess that depends on you. The software is useful for measuring and comparing distances between points either on the vertical axis (price) or the horizontal axis (time). You choose the points and the measurements to mark off and the software draws the lines.

    Whether you find these lines useful for trading depends on your trading methods. If you use Elliott Waves and want to calculate retracement levels after you've determined a wave count, you'll find that using the software beats using a hand held calculator any day of the week. But again, you have to tell the software which points to use. It doesn't decide which points are important or what the wave count is. In other words, the software doesn't replace your thinking; it just helps you to think more efficiently.

    Good trading.