Robert Kiyosaki now teaches people to "trade"

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  1. "On September 19, 2006, Kiyosaki wrote in a Yahoo Finance that the NYMEX is an exchange where "orange juice, pork bellies,... are traded". In reality, neither orange juice nor pork bellies are traded on the NYMEX. "

    That pretty much sums up his trading expertise if you ask me. The guy is a total tool.
  2. well, say what you want he makes about $15 million p.a. So he does something right.
  3. Yeah, he is a successful snake oil salesman, I'll give you that. Just recognize it for what it is though. He is no real estate or finance expert. He is a Marketing Expert. Period.
  4. Paulson, Bernake, etc all make a lot of money too. Does that mean that they are doing something right?
  5. If he promoted himself as the world's best marketer/promoter then I would give him his due. But to come off as a top trader (his one book I read out of curiousity had blatant errors or misstatements on options) and real estate brain is beyond sleezy. He is a model case of marketing your way to millions and for that alone I give him all his props.
  6. Once again, this argument is like "Cramer and Kiyosaki sell worthless advice to the clueless and do/have done shady things to make millions, etc, etc..."

    Is this really to be admired??? Not in my book. No, I don't have millions. So what?
  7. I now know that the Rich Dad story was a fraud, but you know what? If it was not for that book, I would still be one of the many sheeple out there that did not understand how the financial industry REALLY worked.

    The major complaint that people had about his books is that they don't teach you anything. Well, at least to me, it did:

    "If you want to be rich, you have to learn the vocabulary of a rich person"

    He also said that "all self made men have large libraries."

    Those things told me all that I needed to know: Go learn some shit.

    Accidentally picked up "market wizards" in the scifi aisle of Barnes and Nobles (best accidental purchase ever. Who ever accidentally put it in the scifi aisle I thank you...that and the fact that I was looking for Speaker for the Dead and grabbed you somehow instead), and it was on like Donkey Kong.

    Also, if you played his CASHFLOW 202 game, he did try to dummy down how to trade.
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