Robert Hoffman's S&P500 Technical Analysis for August 12th, 2008

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  1. you been following him?
  2. Yeah, for awhile. He's consistent, and free. That's pretty hard to beat nowadays. You?
  3. ive watched several videos and agree they are good. free, for now, but he keeps making allusions to a website and chatroom coming soon, so id be surprised if hes free for long. have u checked out tradepilotpro? he does videos at night also and started a trading chatroom that you can get access to free for a week or something. curious to hear if they do as well in the chat as the videos imply.
  4. Smells like snake oil waiting to happen.

    Step 1 - Build a viewer base
    Step 2 - Keep growing
    Step 3 - Get website in the works
    Step 4 - Do some mentorships in the meantime to build capital for whats to come
    Step 5 - Chat room

    The grand finale ? Snake Oil!

    Here is what he is doing.....

    These are the levels, a dozen are given.

    If it goes up, these are resistance.

    If it goes down, these are support.

    If you want technique, get in line for a mentorship, oh and btw website soon website soon!

    Thank you for the ratings oh look 5 stars, look at it again 5 stars! Followers from all over the world, wow, thank you! Subliminal message of keep rating my videos, keep telling your friends, more viewers nice, more viewers yeah!

    In the meantime members in ET like NoProblem who post a link to his YouTube videos in 99% of his posts, no exaggeration, 99% of his posts.

    Oh dear, Oscar Carboni v2.0

    Conclusion, "Trust no one!"

  5. Technical Analysis is not snake oil. Everyone has there own views though. I like it and if you pay attention to pivot levels and support and resistance levels, that is what most futures traders trade off of. Just like sailing charts are for navigation not the end all be all.
  6. I will give you levels for tomorrow, 1313, 1316, 1321, 1325, 1331-1333 and 1336. And downside levels, 1307, 1301, 1297, 1291 and 1276. Watch for these levels and trade off them!

    That shit cracks me up!

  7. I did say a dozen :p

  8. ktqtrader=profcharles
  9. gobar


    exactly... post 10 to 15 support and resistance line and u become genius. ...
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