Robert Gibbs to Donald Trump: Where are the tax returns?

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  1. Robert Gibbs to Donald Trump: Where are the tax returns?

    Former White House press secretary and Obama confidante Robert Gibbs is throwing down the gauntlet on Donald Trump.

    "Donald Trump said he’d release his tax returns as soon as the president released his birth certificate, so the ball is in his court now and I know everybody is anxious to see his tax returns over the last 10 years," Gibbs told POLITICO.

    Trump first floated the trade-off in an interview with ABC earlier this month.

    "Maybe I’m going to do the tax returns when Obama does his birth certificate," said the real estate mogul, whose wealth has long been a matter of dispute. "I may tie my tax returns [to the birth certificate]. I’d love to give my tax returns."

    At a Wednesday morning news conference in New Hampshire following the president’s release of his birth certificate, Trump repeatedly ignored questions about whether he'd fulfill his pledge.

    Asked later about Gibbs' comments, Trump told POLITICO: "Gibbs is a loser.”
  2. Donald Trump not jumping to release tax returns

    Donald Trump isn't exactly rushing to keep his end of the bargain and release his tax returns now that President Barack Obama has anted up with a birth certificate.

    Trump said Wednesday evening that he'll disclose them "at the appropriate time," but implied that may not be until — and if — he eventually launches a White House campaign. "As you know, if I announce [a presidential bid], I will have to release very detailed information about my wealth," Trump said on CNN.

    The real estate mogul had previously said he'd make his tax returns public when Obama released his birth certificate, which Obama did Wednesday morning. Throughout a day of public appearances in New Hampshire, Trump dodged questions about whether he'd stick to his word — at one point responding to a jab from Robert Gibbs that he do so by saying "Gibbs is a loser."

    On CNN, Trump once again took complete credit for the release of Obama's birth certificate — a document Trump had said doesn't exist.

    "I have done a great service to the American people," he said. "He did it for me — the fact is, I get things done."
  3. It's working.

    Trump definitely does not play chess. He played a gambit, Obama accepted.

    Let's what Trump does next:D
  4. Trump is right. Gibbs is a loser, an unpleasant one at that. No one gives a crap what he says.

    Trump is rich and everbody knows it. He earned his money by taking big risks. Obama got rich off a book Bill Ayers probably wrote for him, Tony Resko and some slush fund type jobs for him and his wife.
  5. Although they are both at the top of their respective game. Politics and Real estate, so they both are doing something right.

    I'm sure BO would fail at the real estate game as trump will probably fail at the political game.
  6. Ricter


    Well, that and being worth "only ~$268k in college" (his words, from his own book), and being raised on millionaire dad's construction sites. That's the kind of risk a lot of Americans would like to take on.