Robert Ellen's Real Estate Program

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by toc, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. toc


    Anyone knows about this guy's program or seminar. Is it true to build several millions of worth within few years. Anyone gone into seminars for real and then into the real world. cheers!
  2. maxpi


    It was based on finding people with assumable mortgages that could not sell their house originally, and it did work. I knew a guy that took the course and followed the instructions closely and basically, he had lots of real estate in a short period of time and he only worked part time. I have no idea if it still works. People say there are no assumable mortgages around.
  3. Robert Allen (not Ellen) is his name.

    Can you make millions of dollars fairly fast?

    Sure, if you catch a rising real estate trend early, buy 10 or 20 houses, and ride the trend until it peaks.

    Can you do that right now ... after real estate has had its biggest run in history?

    In my view, the odds are at least a 100 to 1 against you.

    Robert Campbell