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    I picked up the current issue of TAofS&C and the interview is with Robert Deel, of

    Anyone purchased his material, or attended his advanced 3 day seminar? If so, I would appreciate hearing your comments.


  2. Three years ago I attended a presentation by Mr. Deel made to the Dallas Association for Technical Analysis. He is a very articulate presenter. He exemplifies in his conduct and demeanor the non-trading-related personal principles which he espouses. He keeps his trading methods simple. He is a no-BS guy, and I had no doubt about his integrity and sincerity after his presentation. IMO he is in a league with Mark D. Cook, who also gave a presentation that year. I was so impressed that I bought his first book, The Strategic Electronic Day Trader. The TASC article did not do him justice. If you are thinking about spending money, I recommend that you buy that book first. His short appendix relating charater types to trading style is painfully insightful. I was less impressed with his latest book, Trading the Plan, but that impression was based on a quick perusal, not a detailed read.
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    I sat in the same presentation of Mr Deel in Dallas and couldn't agree more with you comments.

    "Articulate presenter"

  4. ...wish ah wuz still in Big D. AFTA still goin' stong? For the record re Deel, he still espouses the several day position trading he presented to us and covered in his book. I just haven't got the patience for it. Need raw meat! Now!
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    still going strong as ever. I grew in Dallas and live the NE Garland area.

  6. ...Glad to hear all is well. Good luck to you.
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    Thank you for responding.

    I called him today and had a very nice conversation with him. I would be more what he calls the microtrend trader (1 and more day's).

    I ordered his book and may very well attend his class in 04.

  8. ...what Robert Deel calls microtrading some other folks might call swing trading. Please permit me to recommend Alan Farley's book The Master Swing Trader. A very dense book, IMO requiring a few reads to sink in, but it is well worth the price and the effort. I would be hard pressed to think of another trading mechanics book worth a damn. I have nothing against trading in a duration of days (despite the fact that I failed miserably when I tried), but, if your circumstances permit I would recommend day trading an index issue to get up the learning curve very fast. Although patterns in one minute bars don't quite correspond to patterns in one day bars, the lessons get reinforced at such a rapid pace that they sink in faster (as opposed to maybe never, looking at daily bars). Best regards. - Mike