Robert De Niro: too soon for "another first white lady"

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  1. By Linda Feldmann, Staff writer / March 20, 2012

    Actor Robert De Niro has just reinforced one of the truisms of a presidential campaign involving an African-American candidate: Just about any reference to race raises hackles.

    Mr. De Niro hosted a fundraiser for President Obama with first lady Michelle Obama on Monday night in New York, and he kicked off his remarks with this quip: "Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?"

    According to the pool report, the crowd roared and someone yelled "no!" as De Niro asked, "Too soon, right?"

    Newt Gingrich didn’t appreciate the irony. The presidential contender and former House speaker called the comment “inexcusable” and demanded an apology from Mr. Obama, according to the Associated Press.

    "I think that Robert De Niro's wrong," Mr. Gingrich said at a campaign stop in Shreveport, La., the AP reported. "The country is ready for a new first lady, and he doesn't have to describe it in racial terms."
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    De Niro - Just another Hollywood jackass who would be better off just keeping his mouth shut.
  3. Where's the EPA when you need it, obviously there's a dangerous contaminant in the water out there?
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    Black people (and white liberals) can openly say, "We want a black president!" but any white person who says, "I want a white president!" is cast into the outer darkness as a neo-Nazi or a Klansman. There are a thousand double standards like this.
  5. Voters want a good President. Thinking voters don't care about skin color. Racism is sick no matter which 'side' is involved.

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    They are trying to walk it back now. De Niro should stick to reading lines instead of making up his own. He's obviously not smart enough to be doing that.

    “We believe the joke was inappropriate,” spokeswoman Olivia Alair said in a statement. 

    The actor later on Tuesday released a statement saying he had not meant to offend anyone with his comment.

    “My remarks, although spoken with satirical jest, were not meant to offend or embarrass anyone — especially the First Lady,” he said, according to reports.
  7. Tell that to your hooded brethren.
  8. Not surprising that DeNiro would be an advocate, as his wife is black also. What is it about some of these short Italians and
    brown sugar? Is this some sort of primal urge? They tell me it is all the same, is that true? Speak up.
  9. Let's see, 'hooded brethren'? Is that some swipe against sweatshirts? Or does one race wear more cotton hoodies than another? Am I 'brother'? I guess when you get past name calling, you just make things up. Sorry for that, not my usual style.

    How about this:

    Would you care to carry on a civil discussion, I'm here for you. Drop all the silliness, and let's get back to good old American discussions. You up for that? I'm serious.

  10. Another olive branch, if you care Mr. Phoenix. Do you really live or work in Phoenix? I travel there quite often, enjoy the area a lot. One of my companies used to have offices there, no longer. Just a sideline one, in the environmental business, hope that doesn't bother you. We built several facilities with clean technology and all that.

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