Robert Bales...not just a murderer, but a con man too

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  1. Wow, really? I'm serious, this might help explain his breakdown somewhat, still no excuses. But I find this a bit shocking, and I don't let much get to me. Have you seen this make it to any cable news or anything, I can't seem to find it?

    edit: Found it, thanks for posting.

  2. Still more bad news, anger management, several other things that don't reflect too well for him. Very sad.

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    People really need to grab a few titles on psychopaths for their Kindles and bone up. Every 33rd man is one and every 100th woman. Once you understand them, observe them a little, their behavior won't shock you at all. I made a list of "tells" and I can sort them out initially with just one conversation and confirm with just a little background information.

    I'm dealing with one that is a county official currently. She is one cold hearted, thieving, life destroying woman and so far, she's winning. She's like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. She lies and misconstrues evidence on the witness stand quite easily. They lie all their lives, that is why they are so good at it.

    Learning to avoid and/or be ready for those bastards is a huge step upwards in having what it takes to make it.

    I have a policy towards them now based on the notion that they are unfeeling and not rational people. 1) Never try to be rational with them 2) only work to contain and control them. 2A) dig the hole ahead of time, no sense getting caught with one of those "shallow grave" thingies :D
  4. A friend will help you move.
    A true friend will help you move the bodies.