Robbie maddison's record jump in Vegas

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by acronym, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Crazy, huh-i know they had trials, trick riding in the old days, but doesnt compare to this FMX stuff.
    He controlled that bike like it was on a string, i guess if you can do foot-free backflips on 'em , huge air would be a piece of cake.
  2. He made it look easy.

    Lot different back in the ol' Evil Knievel "compound fractures and body cast" dayz...
  3. Yeah, it's mad.
    Should they even let a record stand if the guy died/was greivously injured? That would have to discourage wannabees, id have thought, probably works both ways though.

    The crusty demons are great, but i wonder how many people end up in a bodycast doing copycat stuff, the youtube phenomena and jackass stunts confirm idiocy is alive and well.

    "Hey, lets all go out and do really dangerous and irresponsible stuff on motorbikes instead!"

    He didn't JUST make it look easy, he made it look like he could have done a nice cross up for aerodynamic efficiency and gone further.
  4. Robbie Madisson is a Victorian boy from the hills (Kiama). There literally dozens of kids doing even greater tricks and stunts on motorcycles down here in Victoria, AUSTRALIA!!!!!

    We in Victoria are proud to show Americans* how to ride motorcycles without falling off.

    * Seems to me the modern breed of Americans is "Born to be mild" or "Born to be crap"

  5. Dunno dude, sounds to me like he's from the new south wales kiama, near illawarra .,23599,22997083-2,00.html

    Lot of competition there, you know.............

    Either way, a crazy sumbitch.
  6. Coulda sworn Kiama was in Victoria.....must have been stoned when I drove through...