Robbed !!!!

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  1. I wish to report that I was robbed
    earlier tonight
    of about $100 USD in my part of town
    I am ok .. no physical harm done

    I have given way more than $100 this
    yr to the needy
    so perhaps this was just another way
    for me to give

    the important point I wish to make is

    at the end of the week are we in good health
    and did we give back a little to others
    the money ( made from trading ) is good if we "make it" in the biz but there are things that
    money cannot buy

    hopefully I will not have a repeat experience
    except when the #$%^&* market makers play their games

  2. You mean, threateningly mugged, or pick pocketed? I assume the former, from your description.

    Knew a guy, who broke into a car for a lighter, lit his smoke, put it back, closed the door, re-locking it.

    There are some strange people out there.

    That kind of thing normally causes intense "emotions", you seem pretty level headed about it, or are you still in the shock/rationalization mode?
  3. Imo, the most important part is not to take it personal. It was random, opportunistic and here you are, alive to trade another day.
  4. triggger


    and then there are those who would tell the mugger

    "shoot you fu@$r, I can't wait to see the next world"

    there are people like that too
  5. Joab


    Glad to hear you are ok !!!

    Great attitude, more people should be as grateful as you are this world would be a much better place.
  6. i was robbed about 8 years ago in NYC as i was walking out of a club to my car. the guy poined a gun at us but i had a feeling it was fake,we gave him the money anyway. he were hopped up big time (if you know what i mean). when the 2 left my 3 friends and i grabbed a bottle and chased them down 7th ave and i whipped at bottle at the guys head and he went down like a ton of brivks and we beat the shit out of him as his friend ran into a car. we took the guys chain and took off. the other guy who ran into the car had our 60 bucks but his chain sold for 300 bucks a profit of 240 lol. seriously,if we were'nt hopped up we never would have chased those 2 guys. the guy learned an important lesson. the other guy got banged up running into a car but got up and ran. we left the other guy on the street like a piece of trash and took off because we wound up robbing his chain. poetic justice. its a true story.
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    I remember back, probably in 1998 or 1999, my old Ford Explorer was broken into. Back glass was smashed but the only thing missing was at most $0.40 from the change storage compartment. Sometimes robbers just do it for fun I guess!
  8. For a hundred I might tell them "ask me nice, I'll give it to you and that way I won't have to bother with a police report".

    I remember back in the day I was all into martial arts and a guy came after me in a parking lot telling me he just got out of prison and he "was not going to get violent"... I told him I didn't care if he did... he didn't quite know what to make of that and I wound up giving him some food money and a recommendation to pray for his needs... true story...
  9. How do you know?
  10. setharb, where do you live?
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