Roadmap for QuoteTracker?

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  1. All, I'm a big QuoteTracker fan and user - probably one of the fastest and most stable charting software out there (IMO). I'm a little concerned about the lack of innovation since it's been sold to TD Ameritrade... I'm comparing against other platforms such as NinjaTrader, NeoTicker, Amibroker, X-Trader, etc...

    Things such as better order management (a la Ninja), better drawing tools (a la Ninja), more intraday data (not just for AMTD users), more powerful scripting language are just some of the things that come to my mind.

    Things I like about QT:

    1-It's fast and lightweight, FAST!
    2-Nice charts
    3-Variety of data feeds
    4-IQ Backfill + IB for quotes is excellent!
    5-Easy to save images
    6-Quote Windows are fantastic, very flexible
    7-Easy to manage symbol
    8-Easy to mantaing multiple computers in sync

    Things I'd like to see added/improved:

    1-Order management (a la Ninja) - OCO perhaps?
    2-Drawing tools (trendlines are easy to use, cannot draw on the right side, text annotation is very hard to use and looks bad... that arrow is 'resolutionless'...
    3-Scripting language/paint bars... easy to use but limited.

    Just wondering what's the overall opinion on this topic.

    1. Are you staying with QT and waiting to see what's coming?
    2. You don't believe anything new is coming
    3. You just switched/thinking... if so, what are you considering?

    I'm hoping Jerry can join here and shed us a light too (if legally possible).

    Thanks :)
  2. I beg to differ on the fast part.
    I've been trying Ninja side by side and Quotetracker is lagging a full second behind.
    Everything else I agree with. I'd like to see them both get more like Sierrachart as far as indicator development.
  3. 4XIS4U


    I agree with Fast and Reliable.... Also looking forward to hear any opinions on the roadmap for QT...
  4. amitman


    I agree on the fast and reliable part and also add that it's very easy to use.
    But the lack of any good order entry system is really making me think to move to NT completely, spcially since version 6.5.
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    I've been with QT for a few years now, and still very happy with the software. I use Zeroline Trader for order management, so I have no problems with the order entry part.

    But it is showing it's age. Due to legacy limitations, we still have to deal with the shifting trendlines on Tick, Volume, Range, Renko charts, somewhat restritive paintbar programming.

    The only thing that keeps it ticking is the excellent support team. But I seriously doubt that any thing new will be forth coming, as the Medved hands seems to be tied by TDAmeritrade.

    I'm seriously thinking about switching over to Ninja Trader.

  7. ITR2744


    I've been using QT for a couple of years now. I like the amazing charts, the low price and the fast support - it's exactly what I need. The only (but very heavy) point I'm missing, is its limited programming capacity - PaintBars are nice but not suited for more complex ideas...

    I tried Ninja Trader but I dunno why, we didn't became friends...

    I am also concerned, that QT will suffer a slow death... :(
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    Itr, agree with you regarding the possible slow death...
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  10. QuoteTracker is what I actually use to trade with, stable and reliable. I use other software for other purposes.

    I wouldn't want too much extra added to QT for fear of it becoming bloated and useless for actual trading like other software I've used.

    I was interested in Ninja Trader, so a few months ago I finally attempted to install it with no success. Spent many hours trying to install it with all their help and tips and tricks. Never had a problem installing software before. Probably some conflict with one of those Microssssshhhhoft updates.
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