Road To Bankruptcy

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  1. The Neo-commies done killed america. Soon we'll all have to convert and move to the "mother land" because that's where all the money is being shipped to.

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  2. Yes members of the public hold Treasury Bonds, Notes, and Bills. What is your ignorant point this time.

    bsmeter = 322 stupid posts in a row and still counting.
  3. We should start saving by suspending all aid to Egypt and Turkey.
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    lets not forget entitlements and all liabilities... the number drastically increases. the US is insolvent already... the fed is just going to try to print their way out of it. all those savings accounts out there that represent 1000's and 1000's of hours of hard labor by the people, will evaporate into the night. poof... and people like trader19666 will have his thumb stuck up his bum wondering wtf was bsmeter talking about?
  5. And don't forget that to Israel too...
  6. We are borrowing money from foreigners... including commie chinese. I don't like that fact.

    From :

    The Bureau of the Public Debt divides the national debt into two main categories: debt held by the public, and intragovernmental holdings. Intragovernmental debt includes money for government trust funds, such as pension plans and the debt for social security. Overall, intragovernmental holdings account for over $3.1 trillion of the total debt at this time.

    The remaining $4.6 trillion or so has been purchased by the public, including foreign entities. This largely comes from the issuance of U.S. Treasury securities. Nearly half ($2.2 trillion) is composed of Treasury notes (aka T-notes), while T-bills and T-bonds (including savings bonds) cover most of the remaining public portion of the debt. Bonds sold for infrastructure projects are also part of the national debt.

    It is common for individual Americans and businesses to buy bonds and other securities, though much of the debt is now held overseas. At the end of 2004, foreign holdings of Treasury debt were $1.886 trillion, which was 44% of the total debt held by the public. Foreign central banks owned 64% of the Federal debt held by foreign residents; private investors owned nearly all the rest (figures are from the Analytical Perspectives of the 2006 U.S. Budget, page 257).

    The country holding by far the most U.S. debt is Japan which held $644.2 billion at the end of August 2006. In recent years the People's Republic of China has also become a holder of over $1 Trillion in total foreign reserves, of which about $339 billion are US Treasuries. Source: [1] [2]
  7. Oh please Maji, who cares if foreign governments buy Treasury obligations. Bonds represent no ownership and are not backed by a single asset. What danger could this pose to US interests ?

    They buy them to hedge their own currency values, for safety, and liquidity. Quit reading a conspiracy everywhere.
  8. yeah, these debt holders become collection agencies at some point in the future. do you think they just go quietly into the night? there already is a fight behind the scenes for resource control... it eventually comes down to might makes right. with all the current tensions festering already.... this thing does not just go away. everyone and their brother knows how the fed is going to weasel out of this. do you think this hasn't been planned for?
  9. Warren Buffett thinks that debt is a problem and I side with him. He is a pretty astute guy when it comes to money matters, and that is a huge understatement.

    Of course this article deals with trade deficits and declining dollar primarily. My thoughts are based on the same lines. The US uses the proceeds from the sale of Treasuries to fund a lot of that deficit. Deficit.pdf
  10. I am not disagreeing there is too much point is it doesn't matter who holds it.
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