RnR Hall of Fame Nominees

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  1. Stooges and Kiss get considered before Jethro Tull? No accounting for taste. Rolling in broken glass must have
    its appeal ...somehow.
  2. How is Jethro Tull not already in??
  3. Checked it out. Maybe I"m wrong but didn't see them in the list.
    Possibly too serious musicianship.
  4. Pekelo


    How is Jethro Tull RnR?

    They already won the metal category once vs. Metallica... :)

    Hall of Fame is an advertizing gimmick by the way, so who cares either way???
  5. Well yea, how is the White Album rock n roll or Moody Blues?
    It all came from delta blues but resembles it little; nearly everything is a departure from Little Richard or Buddy Holly
    strict r n r. Alot of topics should be analyzed with the notion that intermediary steps interject themselves between black and white
    for better than oversimplified treatment of a topic ..."the truth is a liquid not a solid." The history of music exemplifies that idea as well as anything could. Then theres Occams Razor, which defies everything I just typed ...K.I.S.S.. I was cursed with the ability to understand both sides of an argument ...save conservatism.
    Right ...who cares.
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    I will tell you something more. The biggest advertising gimmick of all time is the Oscars...

    Seriously, just think about that we start the Chessplayers Hall of Fame. It is pretty obvious which 20-30 players should be in it, but that would be the end of it, so we introduce only 2-3 players every year, so we extended the excitement for 10 years!

    The same with any kind of Hall of Fame...So don't get so worked up over it...
  7. Okay, I' guess I can stop chewing on the furniture then.


  8. Does that mean alot to you ...that ...I don't trade? Matters little to me what anybody thinks about my investing habits. I'm in CENX, TSO, WNR and YGE.
  9. Jethro Tull is a classic band, awesome music, a unique style and true musicians. Ian Anderson is the man!
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    How about Oldies Hall of Fame??
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