RNC to be cut short or possibly cancelled

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cuz69, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. cuz69


    CNN just announced, BUSH/CHENEY won't be attending, will probably broadcast via sattelite..........possibly McCain too!
    RNC may also be cut short...........

    Did the Clintons have their hands in this..............lol

    Politically speaking IMO a smart move............having a celebration while people are dealing with tragedy, would not be too smart right now.
  2. You would think that the "republican conservative religious" party that claims to have a direct line into God's office could simply call and ask that the storm disappear!
  3. This hurricane is the result of all the hot air from Denver this past week.
  4. Cancelling the convention would be a blessing my Rep buds are telling me. Things that horrify them:

    - The Palin pick - one word "ditz". They all wanted Romney.
    - The "Country First" theme
    - McCain's wife
    - McCain

    Not a one of them thinks McCain has a prayer of winning the election either.

    You ET Reps need to get real - 36M people watched Obama
  5. thats what im trying to tell people here but they're not listening :confused:
  6. Big diff watchin' and pulling that lever. I'm counting Hillary and Bill for McCain when the curtain is pulled.
  7. cuz69


    Because they turned into a damn Rock Concert or some kind of church event where they get up and dance in the aisles.
    I was waiting for BO to go put his hand on someones head and heal them...Geeez.
  8. reg


    Yeah, but I don't think all those 36M are going to vote for Barrack Hussein. I'm sure George Bush and Dick Cheney watched his speech last Thursday, but I have a feeling they're not voting for BO.