RNC 2012: two GOP delegates racist toward CNN black camerawoman

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  1. RNC 2012: two GOP delegates racist toward CNN black camerawoman

    Zennie Abraham August 29, 2012

    This is an update to a blog post this blogger originally posted at Examiner.com. Just before the main speeches of Ann Romney, the wife of Presumptive GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christy, what is now identified as a racist act by not one, but two GOP delegates was detailed as one throwing nuts at an African American CNN camerawoman and saying “This is how we feed animals.”

    The incident was first reported via Twitter, and by David Shuster of Take Action News. Here’s his tweet:


    The confirmation of the action was done by Talking Points Memo’s (TPM) Kyle Leighton, who identified the offending man as a “GOP delegate”. Mr. Leighton reached out to CNN, which did confirm the incident, and then issued this statement:

    “CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum earlier this afternoon. CNN worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment.”

    TPM then reported that it’s calls to Republican National Convention (RNC) and Tampa convention officials were not returned.

    Thus, the general consensus was that one person was responsible for the harassment on the black CNN camerawoman. But then, POLITICO issued an update which pointed to not one, but two GOP delegates:

    UPDATE: GOP convention spokesman Kyle Downey tells POLITICO, “Two attendees tonight exhibited deplorable behavior. Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated.”

    That not one, but two GOP delegates is doubly shocking. The question is, who were they? What state did they represent? Were they white supremacists? Are there others in the GOP delegation who have committed racist actions toward blacks at the RNC 2012?

    This is a shameful moment for the Republican National Convention.
  2. Sounds a bit trumped up to me.
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    Lucrum sticks to his knitting, doing what he does best.
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    Yes, pointing out jerk off stupidity.
  6. There are 2,380 delegates to the GOP convention. Two behaved badly.

    Thanks for letting us know that 99.916% of the delegates were well behaved.
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    Brass, if you were to use this type of humor on the left as readily as you do on the right (you're into equality, aren't you?), I’d pay to see you do stand up! Seriously. I don't agree with you on a lot of issues, but I get a good laugh reading your responses, including some of your responses to me in the past (not laughing at you, Lucrum, just the response).
  8. A better response by the RNC would be to out these men and give names, states and such. If you never flush your toliets, the shit just piles up. They should stand up, grow a set of balls, out these racits assholes and carry on. The more they fucking dance with it, the larger its going to get. Who the fuck are these people?
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    Thanks for the sentiment. Thing is, I generally agree with much of what is said by what you describe as "the left." Far Rightsters should have their eyeglass lenses etched with the reminder that "Your political opponents are closer to the center than they appear." There's just not that much to poke fun at in the center.

    As for Lucrum, there's no need to hedge. We all laugh at him.
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    You could still crack wise at them once in a while. Just make sure they know you're poking fun! I have discovered that being misunderstood lands one on ignore, not that it matters much. As FT once mentioned, humor doesn’t always translate well on the web. I believe that to be true, especially depending on the frame of mind of the reader.
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