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  1. So let me get this straight...

    I tell a user to clean up his act on a thread that I started. So at that point it's between he and I. Then you (or whomever) decide you have a bone to pick with him, so you start deleting his posts and any others that relate to him. The rest is collateral damage I guess.

    I can see why these guys fuck with you. I never once made an alias but maybe I should consider one. And you do realize that my bitch has nothing to do with the content of that post. Just the fact that it was deleted for no apparent reason other than involving Bonedu.
  2. Forget it.

    I'm putting way too much stock in this website which is basically here for entertainment purposes.
  3. Joe


    I think your very misguided on what the objective of moderation is. We aim to keep the thread on track with the original subject, you picking a beef with someone is not something we will allow on a thread, so if you want to continue send a PM to him. But if he complains of abuse, I'll read the PM's and you may be banned.

    Best thing to do, just email me with the link and I'll delete it. I wouldn't even bother to respond.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.