RM's occasional market calls...

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  1. Let's see if I can put together a few correct market calls without embarrassing myself...

    SHORT SLV at $26.98 (current AH price)
    No stop. Projected time frame: 1-3 day holding period, planning to scale out as it goes my way.
  2. xburbx


    regardless of your calls, great ET handle
  3. None of this is academic.
    I'm short silver (Long ZSL, actually) with real money, and currently feeling real pain. Holding for now...
  4. i am not saying this call won't work. it probably will. i hope it will rival his great Long FAS call in the summer 2008.

    but in case the call does not work out i have a new handle suggestion: LongJohnSilverUpMine
  5. bpcnabe


    What call was that, considering FAS didn't exist before 11/06/08

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    Just curious on your methodology - do you ever add to a losing position?
  7. then it was some other leveraged financial etf. the call was to go long financials in July right at the local bottom for financials.

    even unleveraged XLF went up ~30% within two weeks!
  8. Yup, it was UYG.

    Sure, all the time.
  9. I think its going to 32, but thats just me. :cool: :confused: :eek: :D
  10. SLV -- will probably tag 30 in the near future.

    I'm sure your not the only one who wants to short this thing. Which can only mean one thing.

    New Highs !!!
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