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  1. zxcv1fu


    What is going on? This stock can really move!

    I bought calls yesterday but do not understand this stock history & events. Anyone follow RMBS?

    The option imp volatility is about 80%. Traders think it can really move too!
  2. Patent lawsuits. The moves are based on the ongoing litigations.
  3. Two VERY high volume days on the 23rd and 24th on daily charts. On weekly charts, the stock looks good as well, if you look at the MACD and ADX they might cross in a week or two.
  4. very liquid also; u can scalp this fella to death with decent size and...and get killed on a reg basis :p
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    RMBS calls r very good to me indeed:D
  6. S2007S


    this stock could be up 3 dollars one day and down 6 the next. Extremely risky stock.
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    Implied volatility is high around 80% since RMBS can really move. High risk comes with high reward:)
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    RMBS gapped up again. Have to take profit of my call options since they r over 200% in profit. The rest can ride up with hopefully many gap up.
  9. this shit can double in no time...just to attract hedgeking near the top and begin the dump all over again.:D
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    Closed my sep rmbs calls, left oct calls to celebrate the long weekend:)
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