rmbs screw job

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  1. looks like somebody ran the stops on rmbs and picked up some cheap share on a false court rumor. -15 points in a heartbeat.
  2. ozzy


    Was watching that. O soooooooooooooooooo sweeeeet.
  3. Rambus-RMBS appears drop is a False Alarm, no verdict yet in Hynix case-Rumor
    Shares dropped dramatically from $44.50 to as low as $29.70 and have since recovered to $40.00 on unconfirmed chatter of negative ruling in the Hynix patent litigation case. The Jury has been in deliberations and there are expectations that a verdict could occur this week. :theflyonthewall.com

    14:52 EDT RMBS theflyonthewall.com: Rambus-RMBS April option prices exploding and collapsing as Stock sells off
    RMBS down 8.73 to $38.11. RMBS and Hynix trial concluded last week, the jury is expected to reach an outcome soon. RMBS May option implied volatility of 121 is above its 26-week average of 79. RMBS April at the money straddle is priced at $6.90 cents, above its theoretical value of $2.08. Aggressive price action in RMBS options indicates high risk. :theflyonthewall
  4. What cracker jack box are they getting that theor value from.
  5. A classic intraday capitulatory V-trade...

  6. 1) this was not a capitulation

    2) I love you guys that post charts after the fact.

    Let's see ALL THE CHARTS with that pattern. Cherry picking is nice for schoolgirls on summer vacation.
  7. i was so tempted to short on this day and so glad i did not the next day

    you just gotta stay out of something that is too sexy imo
  8. Rambus wins the Hynix case...awarded 306 million......any ideas where it goes after the halt?