RMBS Nov $20 strike calls

Discussion in 'Options' started by DeltaSpread, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Anyone catch this earlier today?? They are already up like 900% & expire tomorrow, but RMBS looks poised to burst $20. Nice volume so far at 35000+ contracts.
  2. LOL

    Now up 1800%. Gotta love expiration Thursday/Friday. Where you can buy something thats already gone up by $900% and still double your money on top of that.
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    I just sold my worthless Nov 25 call @ 0.10. RMBS imp volatility is going thru the roof. The max pain is still around 17.5. It is a good example that the max pain theory does not work for liquid stocks.

    Now I am praying for SBUX to move down after the earning tonight.

    Still waiting for OSUR to break above like RMBS.

  4. SBUX now 37.10 :eek:
  5. zxcv1fu


    tomorrow is another day. Will see how SBUX moves.
  6. it'll be a long while before you see OSUR pass $12.00
  7. Anyone wanna bet a penny RMBS breaks $25 on expiration Friday??

  8. More likely to break $20 (in my humble opinion!) :eek:
  9. $20.46 possibly target for me.
  10. LOL - nice, i thought there might be a little gas left with the ridiculous amount of calls purchased yesterday. I think between the $20 & $22.50 strikes, there was something in the neighborhood of 80000+ contracts purchased and keep in mind, a good chunk of that move was missed by most, so the calls werent cheap.

    It made a good run at the open popping $23+ easy and now fell on its face. The $22.50 calls are dead now dropping 900%, so hopefully some people got out.
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