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  1. Tradestation doesn't clear their own futures trades. So they go through RJ Obrien. Anyone have an opinion of how stable/safe RJO is? Since futures accounts aren't insured, I worry. IB sweeps the cash from futures accounts into an insured account every night. I wish TS did the same.


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    RJ O'brien. Hmmm, A couple of years back been using them for my Pit trading activities. Been a while haven't heard of them, ever since I go electronic. One of the best! It is based in Chicago. Don't worry! It is safe. . .
  4. Yeah, I don't think you have that much to worry about. They just got an infusion of private equity monies as well with the original RJO owners maintaining a minority interest. (I don't remember where I read that article though.)

    FWIW - we use their web based platform to execute pit trades - though we're doing that less and less now as more contracts go electronic. But, it serves as a nice little backup trading platform. (We use a different IB than tradestation though).

  5. I don't think so. The website says that E-trade securities accounts are insured. It says nothing about insured futures accounts that I can find. Can you show us exactly where it says futures accounts are insured?


    Give them a call. I am not sure myself, the link is on the futures page, so I assumed they cover all activity.


    I suppose their reputation wins customers, I know what you are saying.
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    But their platform by Trading Technologies is free and all markets are accessible with no monthly fee. Plus as far as I know their commisions can be negotiated down.
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    Just open a separate account with Global Futures for each exchange and you 'll have X-Trader free with 4.75 R/T all in

    E-trade charge 2.99+2.99+2.32 = $8.30 R/T CME minis

    Poor idiots!!
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